For Parents

Farmer Day 001Parental Involvement

Richmond Hill Playing and Learning Specialists encourages and welcomes parental involvement. Parents are invited to visit the facility at any time especially during special events and class parties.

A daily report outlining the child’s school day and behavior will be sent to parents. Parent conferences will be conducted on an as needed basis.

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Arrival and Departure

Upon enrollment parents will be issued a key fob that will access the side entrance of the facility. A fob must be used in order to unlock the door. Additional fobs may be purchased for $10.00. Once inside the building, parents must sign the child in on the computer monitor at the side reception desk then escort the child to his/her classroom. If the parent does not have a key fob or the fob does not unlock the side door, the child must enter the facility through the front office.

At pick-up time parents may enter through the side door and sign their child out for the afternoon. If someone other than a parent or regular caretaker picks up the child a valid picture ID will be required and the person’s name must be on the child’s information card. Parents are asked to notify the front office if someone other than himself or herself or the regular caretaker will pick-up the child.

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In case of an accident please provide a complete extra change of clothing for your child daily. Please remember to keep the change of clothing appropriate for the current weather conditions, ie. hot or cold temperature.

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A professional photographer will photograph children several times a year. Information concerning this service will be provided shortly before the photographer visits.

Throughout the year staff members may take nonprofessional photographs of children for classroom use. If you do not want your child photographed please notify the director.

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Internet Access

Children enrolled in Richmond Hill Playing and Learning Specialists can be viewed during the facility’s hours of operation via the facility’s website. Parents who enrolled their child/children in the facility agree that the child/children can be viewed via live video stream on the World Wide Web. Parents will have access to the cameras in their child’s classroom and the common areas, ie. lunchroom and playground. The Internet service is provided, secured and serviced by Securitech Industries.

Parents’ ability to view the live webcams and the quality of the picture and movement will be dependent upon the type of computer and its internet connection.

Upon enrollment parents are provided with a unique username and password. The username and password provide access to Richmond Hill PALS webcams. Parents should protect their username and password by never giving it to anyone.

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