What they’re saying about Richmond Hill PALS

 Pre-k 001

     Richmond Hill PALS is one of the best daycare’s that Richmond Hill has to offer.  I love the fact that they have cameras where you can watch your child throughout the day.  I always feel like my son is safe, thanks to their reliable security system. The one on one interaction with the teachers is wonderful.  The staff and rates are awesome.  Richmond Hill could not have a better childcare facility.  

  3 year old parent

      Thank you for providing a safe, educational and fun environment since our son has attended Richmond Hill PALS. He has had great stories, songs and adventures to tell us about when he gets home from day care. These memories will stay with him for many years to come! 
Parent of a 2 year old enrolled at Richmond Hill PALS
     I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your daycare program. My son has been attending for almost a month and we could not be happier with the kind of care and attention he receives. His teachers seem to really care about the children that they watch and have communicated with us about how he does daily. My son is seeing a speech therapist for delayed speech and since he has been attending P.A.L.S., he is starting to come out of his shell and really express himself more! Please let his teachers know what a wonderful job they are doing! Thanks again!

 Parent of a 2 year old enrolled at Richmond Hill PALS


    You have provided a safe, happy and wonderful learning environment for our little girl.

 2 year old parent

     I like the staff.  My husband and I couldn’t ask for more caring, capable, dedicated people to care for our children.  It is great comfort to know that our children are being cared for so well.  We also are impressed by the space, and convenient location of Richmond Hill PALS.

2 and 4 year old parent

    I would like to take a moment to thank you.  This is my son’s third week and he has had a very hard adjustment to going to school.  I would like to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond and moving his classroom and doing what it takes for him to have the easiest adjustment.  As a mom it allows me to relax knowing that you and your staff are willing to do whatever it takes to make his adjustment as easy as it can be. 

 3 year old parent

    My children have been enrolled in Richmond Hill PALS since July ’08.  We are very impressed with the teachers and the care the staff provides.  The owners are friendly and make us feel like family.  The daycare facility is remarkable!  It is always clean and it reminds me of a mini school.  The children of all ages are provided with a variety of educational toys such as Smart Boards, computers, and a very entertaining playground.  When looking at daycares, PALS stood above all the rest.  They are truly specialists in playing and learning.  I would recommend them any day. 

Parent of a 3 year old enrolled at Richmond Hill PALS

    Richmond Hill PALS is a state of the art facility with controlled entry for the safety of the children.  This daycare facility has spacious learning areas in the classroom for the children.   The staff members are friendly and are also very helpful.  PALS also provides parents with a username and password so that they have access to view their child during the day via webcam.  Excellent choice if you need childcare. 

1 year old parent

    My husband and I looked into and toured many preschool facilities in Richmond Hill, GA.  Richmond Hill PALS stood out above the rest.  It was an easy choice!  They have a state-of-the-art daycare facility with spacious classrooms.  The staff is wonderful!  I would highly recommend PALS to everyone.  Take a tour for yourself, you will not find a better preschool in Richmond Hill.

4 year old parent

         Richmond Hill PALS provides such a warm, safe, educational, and fun environment for my son. He has learned so many things including forming such wonderful friendships with his peers. You all exceeded my expectations for a learning center.

Thanks so much,

Parent of a 4 year old enrolled at Richmond Hill PALS

We recently transferred from Washington State to Savannah. Our 3 year old son was having a difficult time adjusting to the move. After looking at a dozen daycares between Savannah and Richmond Hill, we decided PALS would be the best fit for him.  They took the time to understand his issues with our move and helped him adjust to the classroom environment he needed by using positive reinforcement as well as extra attention as they saw fit. They were open to suggestions I had at the advice of a counselor, as well on how to make the transition smoother. We are month into it and my son never wants to leave when it’s time to pick him up. Even before we transferred, my son has never wanted to take naps. The teachers in his classroom have put in the extra effort by sitting with him when need be to help him do so. This is very impressive to me as a parent. For the first time, my son comes home rested after a day of play.

We also have a six month old daughter we placed in one of their phenomenal infant rooms. I love the fact that each infant room is developmentally specific to each age of their infants enrolled. When they make the next developmental milestone, the infants are moved into the next room. The rooms are also top notch clean. The teachers asked me to specifically detail as a parent how my infant is at home and how they can help mirror that pattern at PALS. Each day I come to pick her up, I know she has been taken care of to the best of all ability.

Needless to say, PALS has been worth the extra drive to know that my children are safe, happy, and well cared for. The facility is clean and secure. The classrooms are very well maintained. Teacher to student ratio is perfect. They made it clear there were never too many times I could call and check on my son’s progress. It doesn’t hurt that they also have video cameras set up all over the facility for parents to log into at any time. In my opinion, PALS goes beyond the regular child care facilities I have seen in the Richmond Hill/Savannah area. PALS  has been established long enough in the community that they were able to give me, as a new resident in the area, tons of referrals to after school children’s activities. They even gave me personal information of the area such as local coffee shops and even an accountant!!

Thank you very much PALS!

Parent of a 6 month old and a 3 year old